No More Digging Highlands

Strong, sustainable ground screw foundations

We have joined No More Digging, the UK’s most trusted ground screw installer network, to supply and install professional ground screw foundations for our garden rooms and for other commercial and residential projects across the Highlands of Scotland, from garages and home extensions to holiday cabins and solar.

Why Use Ground Screws?

Ground screws deliver the most efficient approach to installing foundations that require no heavy digging or removal of spoils, and causes no mess or damage on a project. Ground screws can also be installed all year round and in any weather, so waiting on concrete hardening and experiencing project delays are a thing of the past.

A Reliable Track Record

Launched in early 2018, No More Digging started by servicing the garden building market with a strong, sustainable alternative to concrete foundations.

Supported by a skilled team and unrivalled service, No More Digging has grown to become the most trusted installer of ground screw foundations across the UK and Ireland, and we are proud to now be operating the new installation team out of Inverness Scotland which will be covering the Highlands.

Installing the professional range of RADIX Ground Screws, we can provide fast, strong and sustainable foundations for various commercial and residential applications, including garden buildings, holiday lodges and glamping pods, construction hoarding and temporary fencing, even ground-mounted solar PV, and more.

Ground screws are the more eco-friendly option to concrete-based foundations, and we want to change the world by the way we build together.


Our mission focuses on not harming the environment and offering customers a low carbon and more environmentally-friendly replacement for concrete.
By avoiding concrete, our customers reduce their contribution to the 10% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that are a consequence of cement production.


We are efficiency experts. Our ground screws offer customers a practical and straightforward solution.
Our products offer efficiency, and so do our people. Our training ensures our employees can install foundations in hours. Concrete and other traditional types of foundations lack this level of efficiency, with foundation work taking days to complete.


Supportive describes more than what our product does. We are committed to total customer satisfaction.
We achieve this by gaining a complete understanding of our customer needs, exceeding expectations for time and cost, whenever possible, and providing the highest quality products on the market.


We offer foundations that are low cost to the environment and customers. Ground screws are quick to install and ready to build on immediately, so you don’t need us on-site long, which saves you money.
We provide long-term value too. Ground screws are corrosion-resistant and extremely durable.



Based in Kirkhill, Covering the Highlands