Fully Bespoke Garden Rooms

We take pride in designing and installing your garden room in the way in which you will benefit and enjoy the most


Ground Screws

Your Garden Den will be mounted on ground screws which provide an effective and ECO alternative solution to a concrete slab system.  It’s a fast system completed in half a day depending on the size of your Garden Room, it provides minimal disturbance and mess to your garden area. 

The ground screws can be screwed to depths typically between 1.2m and 1.5m using specialist equipment. 

Plinths System

In some cases we would not be able use ground screws, for example in bedrock conditions. If this was the case we would need to go down the route of using a plinth system to sit your Garden Room on, each pad can take weights up to 1.5, 2.5 or 5 ton but the loadings will be worked out for you. This method is slightly more time consuming however we do not have to dig as deep as with the ground screws. 

Kit & Insulation

Garden Room Kit

PIR Insulation

Glass Wool Insulation

Our high quality kits consist of treated timber for an extremely stable structure. We can use either 100mm PIR Insulation or 140mm Glass Wool depending on your choice. The walls and ceilings are expertly finished off with 12mm duplex plasterboard.

Windows & Doors

French Patio

Sliding Patio

Bi-fold Double Glazed

Our garden rooms are completed with uPVC French patio, sliding, or bi-fold double glazed units depending on the size and style you require and prefer. Both doors and windows can be placed corresponding with you requirements and have a finish of anthracite grey outside. These door are finished white inside to achieve a light and spacious interior. The glass units are 28mm thick argon gas filled. Doors and windows can be matched to suit the house doors and windows if need be.


Siberian Larch 

We offer 2 different profiles of Siberian Larch cladding on offer we use Siberian Larch cladding to give a complete maintenance free product to you, this can be Osmo oiled for lift the grain further.


Weather boarding is a cheaper alternative, whist retaining a high quality look and finish.  Unlike the Siberian Larch, this option is not  a maintenance free product and we would reccomend that it was treated every year to keep protection.

Open Rain Screen

Open Rain Screen cladding can be fitted horizontally or vertically. This cladding type has a 8mm gap and comes in 2 sizes 68mm and 145mm.

Tongue & Groove

This beautiful cladding option can be fitted horizontally or vertically. Like the other Siberian Larch cladding, this is very low maintenance and comes in two sizes – 95mm or 120mm. 


Siberian Larch Grooveless

Vertical Grain Siberian Larch grooveless decking has great stability and is incredibly durable. This decking complements the Larch Cladding very well and comes in 1 size of 92mm wide x 27mm thick.

Siberian Larch Grooveless GripDeck

Vertical Grain Siberian Larch Grooveless GripDeck decking boards with slip-resistant inserts. This is ideal for people with offices as it provides an extra anti slip protection for clients. This is a specialist bespoke product which means it can take up to 8 weeks for production.

Roof Line


EPDM roof membrane is a synthetic rubber that is extremely durable and is heat and weather resistant, making it ideal to be used on flat roofs, this covers your roof in one piece and is factory welded on order.

EPDM is incredibly long-lasting and extremely durable, proven to last in excess of 50 years. The rubber is also environmentally friendly.


Sedum/Wild Flower

Sedum offer 9 Varieties which are perfectly blended of Hespanicum, Reflexum, Album Coral Carpet, Album Athoum, Album Mini, Sedum Vodoo, Sedum Weihenstephaner Gold, Sedum Acre Aureurm and Sedum Summer Glory.

Sedum green roofs also carry the benefits of insulating the building and improving stormwater management. 


At The Garden Den we use uPVC soffits and facias to provide a complete maintenance free garden room. This can come in a variety of colours with the most popular being anthracite grey which is a fantastic match for doors and windows.  

Electrical Package

We have put together an electrical package for our garden rooms. This can be added to for an office space (or any other purpose) if more sockets or internet connection is required. Our electrical package includes: 


  • 3 x double socket in a position of your choice, 1 of the double sockets will have a USB charging port.
  • White finish dimmable light switch for interior.
  • 2 soffit lights.
  • 4 – 8 LED Downlights depending on your space size. Can be a selection of white, chrome or brushed steel surround. There is also an option of cool white or warm white lights.
  • Consumer unit in the garden room.
  • Wall mounted electric radiator.
  • Mains smoke alarm.
  • Power from your house to consumer unit.
  • Electrics and wiring will be all carried out by a certified electrician.

Interior Finishes

The finish of your interior walls will be Ames taped and filled and then sanded smooth with dustless sanding tools.  Interior walls, ceiling and skirtings can be mixed up to any colour using the popular Tikkurila range giving walls a stain resistant finish.

A selection of MDF Skirtings & Window sills are painted in hard wearing acrylic enamel paint in Matt, Satin or gloss.